What should I work on next?

09 May 2012



   The good fellows over at Lead Adventure Miniatures have just released a trio of new packs of Turks for your buying, painting, and gaming pleasure! I think they look great, and can't wait to see how they paint up. Now I just have to find some money to buy them.

Looks like a grenade launcher, maybe?

Just in case of Black Smoke... and snipers, too!

I'd use them as the regular riflemen for the VSF unit.

   So far, it seems that my pattern for a VSF 'army' or 'force' - at least in 28mm - is to have one unit with special weapons like these, and a few units of regulars armed with plain old rifles. A few vehicles and mechanickal gadgets, something that flies (maybe a hot air balloon or something?). These would fall into the category of a special weapons unit, with some extra heavy weapons like the grenade launcher, and the previously released chaingun.


ColKillgore said...

I may have to finally get some of these for Pulp and VSF gaming.


gorgarrak said...

I'll defiantly be getting some, plus the plastic perry zouaves with minor conversion can be used alongside them