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22 May 2012

Now on the Table: Scout Aeronef

   I have just primed (in dark grey, if you must know) the casting of the Ironclads Miniatures Scout Aeronef that I purchased last month from Messer Skrapwelder. Soon it will be receiving the attentions of a brush!

Ironclad Miniatures's File Photo

   I like the model, but it has some casting flaws, especially around the portholes where it is thin. I am going to remedy this on the lower deck by making the portholes into gunports! A pair of Hotchkiss Revolviing Cannon in each broadside will teach Johnny Martian a bit of respect for Her Majesty's imperial authority!

   I also want to install a railing around the deck, a QF deck gun, another railing around the superstructure, possibly armoring the (currently) open superstructure instead. Maybe add a Nordenfelt up there as well? Any tips on how to do the railing would be appreciated.


Elderac said...

Reviresco (www.tin-soldier.com) has some wonderful stanchions.

While I don't care for their people type miniatures, they do have some nice guns and ship fittings.

One thing I do like about Reviresco is that they are scaled for 28mm. Bluejacket is nice, but you have to guess what size you really need.

Here is a direct link to the stanchions:


Also, it seems that I have seen on the internet someone who has used one of those Ironclad nef's and built up an impressive vessel. If I come across it again, I'll send you a link.


BaronVonJ said...

Yes, do you do a solid rail, or chains?

Elderac said...

Follow up on my previous post:

I found this example of a build up of the Ironclad aeronef:


Unfortunately, it does not seem to have a WIP associated with it.

I saw another modification of the Ironclad Aeronef for Warhammer 40K (Orks, no less), but that build was little more than painting it red and adding guns.


J Womack, Esq. said...

I have some fine brass chain, and some brass rod, so I could do either solid railings or chain. Maybe solid around, with chain at the embarkation port? Which would be on the port side, of course!

And do I just solder the brass railing together, then touch up with brass paint? Or build it, spray it and then paint it all in brass? Seems a bit silly to paint brass rods in brass, but it won't tarnish or anything that way. I have some plastic rod I could use instead, too.

Maybe a poll would help me stop over-analyzing and get back to the construction. As an aside, I am going to offer my old Aphid clone for sale. I didn't build it, but did do some detailing work on it. I would be happy with $25 plus shipping I think.

Elderac said...

Is there a picture of your old Aphid clone somewhere in your blog?

J Womack, Esq. said...

No, but I can take some tomorrow and post them.