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26 April 2012

"U" is for...


   The 19th Century was the last hurrah for really beautiful uniforms, and everyone had them. So here they are, real, imaginary, and awesome. Let the eye candy begin!

French Foreign Legion
   Seeing these fellows makes me realize I need to do some re-painting on my old FFL 15mms. Somehow I missed the madder red trousers.

   Uniformology books are excellent. Loads of research and good images. Another thing I need to be buying more of. German Schutztruppe - very cool colonial types.


    These are my Texicans (originally 15mm Span-Am War Americans). We see here Lieutenant Harold Godwinson, in the butternut uniform of the Texican Marines adopted recently. The regulation campaign cover is clearly visible.

British Patrol jacket, and redcoats
   More from my personal collection, this time 25mm Empress Miniatures (which I absolutely love). The officer is wearing the dark blue patrol jacket fashionable in the latter 19th Century. The regular infantry are still wearing the traditional red jacket in all my VSF units. Why? Because I love it, and its my game, so I play how I want to. Besides, they look awesome.

German Aetherbattalion Sergeant
    One last of my own collection: a paint-converted GW Mordian Imperial Guardsman. This is the uniform of the totally fictitious Aetherbattalions (loosely based on Seebattalion).

8th Canadian Hussars
   A real Commonwealth unit. Love the sabretache and the tall boots. Obviously based on British cavalry uniforms. Check the busby on him, too.  




Elderac said...

I love the colorful uniforms (except when it comes to painting all those belts). One nice thing about this period is that you can have color without necessarily going full bore like one might for Napoleanics. That way lies in madness.


Elderac said...

Oh, and I think I need some 25mm Zouves. I have some for my ACW 15mm, but need some in the larger range. Perhaps something to accompany the Foreign Legion or maybe even some of Brigade Minature's female zouves.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Napoleonics are not always very colorful. I darn near went snow-blind trying to paint up a few battalions of Austrians. White on white. Big battalions, too.

For VSF, Zouaves are just, well, awesome. I have some that I am going to eventually paint up as Papal Zouaves. I even painted up a command group a couple of years ago, in a stylish purple and gold. Not historically accurate, but quite VSF-y.

You can cut down on the belts (not eliminate them, but reduce them) by getting troops in 'light order,' without their packs.

DeanM said...

I would love to paint up a unit of FFL in red trousers, but not sure when they switched to white (or was this a geographical option?). Nice pics, Dean

J Womack, Esq. said...

Dean: I'd have to do a bit of research to be sure. It is possible that the white trousers were a 'tropical' uniform variant. Odd that they would keep the heavy blue overcoats though.

Elderac said...

The great thing is that in your
VSF universe, history does not matter. Sure, it is nice to have some accuracy if you are also going to use them to play a colonial game, but most people I play with are there to have fun, not critique the accuracy of the uniform.