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05 March 2012

Achtung! Raketen!

  The dastardly Hun has rockets! Primitive terror weapons, fit only for the bombardment of innocent civilian areas. Note the lack of any sort of guidance - obviously an inferior product to our British Precision Munitions, which strike only military targets with uncanny precision - 94% of the time!

Notice on TMP

   Of course, when the Imperial German Army unveiled this weapon, their spokesman - a Colonel Wilhelm Klink - claimed it was to be used "only in frontier areas, where the chance of harming innocents will be negligible, and the morale effects against indigenous tribesman would be maximized. For example, on Venus against the barbarian lizardmen." At least, that's what I think he said - the man's English was just not quite up to scratch, you see. Quite a thick accent.
[Editor's Notes: Although this is for 28mm WWII, I think that given suitable crew figures, it has a simple enough look to make it suitable for VSF. Big chunky rockets of death! Woohoo!]

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