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18 July 2011

Popular Mechanicks, Issue #6

Proxie-Trencher Landship

Engine parts removed for Security Purposes
Photos from Proxie Models Website

   The latest thing in modern mechanickal warfare is the armoured fighting vehicle. These take many forms, from aerial gunboats to ostrich-like walkers. But the heaviest armour and guns are fitted to the landships operated by the Royal Navy. And the Navy's newest landship is being unveiled here and now: the Proxie "Trencher"-class Landship.

   The Trencher is fitted with a new propulsion system so secret that no photostats may be taken of it, on pain of violation of the State Secrets and Treasonous Activities Act. However, we can divulge that the vehicle is armed with a main gun in a 360-degree powered traverse turret, and sponson-mounted guns to either side, as well as a heavy reciprocator in the forward hull. With a crew of ten protected behind armour nearly as thick as a light cruiser's, it can still travel at speeds rivaling the fastest of cavalry (under ideal conditions).

   The first squadron of these formidable vessels has already been purchased for training purposes on Earth. Additional squadrons are expected to be purchased for use throughout the British Solar Empire in the near future.

[Editor's Note: I just found out about these about 10 minutes ago, from a post on The Orky 15mm Sci Fi blog. The owner of that blog is making a Praetorian army for 40K in 15mm. Nice work going on there, and then I saw the tanks! I'll be buying a box of them (3 for $10!!!) today. The photo, by the way, comes from their website, and is used without permission, but I have a feeling they won't mind as long as it sends customers their way. Which I hope it does. These are awesome.]

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