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20 June 2011

New Khaki Uniform Approved for Cytherean Use

   The Horse Guards has approved issue of a new uniform for British troops bound for the tropical jungle climate of Venus. Officially designated as the Cytherean Pattern uniform, the color is not the traditional redcoat for Tommy Atkins. Instead, the cloth is specially treated cotton, which refuses to take further dyeing, and remains a drab khaki color. However, the special treatment of the fabric does enabloe it to withstand the rigors of the Cytherean jungle, and it is estimated that the uniforms will last a full three times longer than current issue on Venus. The savings in shipping costs alone will pay for the new issue.

   Below, you can see a few examples of the new uniform as it is being tried out in the field for the first time.
Officer's Kit

NCO and Other Ranks

   As you can see, the uniform seems to be wearing well. Troops have also appreciated the cooler aspect of the light cotton cloth as compared to the usual tunic. Officers have commented that the khaki color actually is better suited to aiding in concealment on the Veiled Planet, though why any of our stout boys need to conceal themselves is quite beyond this journalist!

[Editor's Note: These are some Old Glory (I think) 25s that I bought, already painted, along with some other items from eBay. They have been sitting collecting dust for over a year until I decided that they might work on Venus, if not on Earth or Mars, where the redcoat still identifies one as a British soldier of the Queen. All I have done is add some stuff to the bases to match my other Cytherean troops of the German, Lizardman and Varduvian varieties.]

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