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10 May 2011

Under the weather

   Sorry about the lack of posting for the last several days. The truth is, Yours Truly has been a  bit under the weather, as they say. Still not feeling top shape, but I think that reports of my impending demise are an exaggeration at this point.

   A bit of interesting stuff has arrived in the post over the last few days.

   First of all, I received three additional 40K Epic Termites. These models include three parts: a large carrier vehicle, a mounted Termite, and an emerging Termite. The termites themselves are burrowing vessels. I plan to use them for my 6mm When the Navy Walked project. With four of them now, I can assign one per base of infantry and have a full battalion of subterranean capacity. They paint up fairly quick, but I am back logged at the moment, trying to work off a few 15mm Thirty Years War figures.

   Second, I got a good deal on some MageKnight figures. Nine each of the Iron Lungs and the Soaring Gunner mechanical dragonflies. If I remember correctly, that means I have enough to do both units. What units? Well, the Iron Lungs are going to be aether-ready boarding parties. Equipped with air tanks and protective armor, they are ready to issue forth. They will also be quite useful against the dreaded Black Gas Projector used by Professor Maton's diabolical forces, as they are immune to the poisonous vapours. The mechanical dragonflies will need new riders. I am not sure which nation to put them with yet. If Parroom Station had some Masked Minion cavalrymen, I'd try to special order a squad of them. As it is, I may have to go with one of the more conventional colonial 28mm figures and put them on. Perhaps one of the RAFM figures - I believe they are sold seperately. Sure of it, in fact!

   Finally, I got a pair of Privateer Press's Grundback Gunner Warjacks. These are for the Warmachine game. I am thinking they will do duty as either really big 6mm or rather large 15mm self-propelled guns on bipedal walker chassis. Again, not sure of the faction. Currently they are green. I will certainly do some repainting, but I kind of like the scheme. I could certainly add them to the German forces on Venus or Earth without much bother. Just need a bit of trim, and national ensigns.

See what I mean about being a little too plain?


Eli Arndt said...

Quite the haul there.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Not too bad, and all for about $60