What should I work on next?

30 May 2011

Airship Project, stage 1

   I am currently working on about a dozen projects, as usual. This one has stalled temporarily as I try to figure out how to make a few details work the way I want them. However, I thought I would throw out one tantalizing photo.

   As you can probably tell, the basic gasbag enclosure and rudder vanes come from the Denny's shipyards. Obviously there is a good deal of painting to be done, the weapons systems (including the massive spinal mount Tesla cannon!), engines, and gondolas need attachment as well. But it is at least started.

  I also finished another vehicle recently, a steam picket boat, with a quick firing 4-inch gun in the bow. She was laid down by Peter Pigg, and purchased second hand through connections in the telephonic differencing interchange. I think she'll look good on either the canals of Mars or on one of the myriad waterways of Venus. Gadzooks, she'd even be at home back on Old Earth.

Interchangeable flag - easy swap from British to German to French. An otherwise very neutral paintjob.