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02 April 2011

The Colonel Commands Attention

   If you are into VSF, you probably have some British troops. And most of you are making special characters at least from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard Praetorians. I know you are, because you are driving the cost of the things up on eBay, curse you all!

   Anyway, now that sanity has returned (thank God for modern pharmaceuticals, right?), le tme point you in the direction of a fellow over in the UK that does some absolutely marvelous work with Praetorians. I mean, it's really great stuff. I am planning on ripping off his ideas left, right and center as I get around to certain projects.

   That man is Colonel Gravis, commander of the 4th Praetorian Foot. You can find his work here.

  As an example, please see the photo I lifted (without asking - sorry, Colonel!) from his journals:

A Praetorian Rocket Trough

1 comment:

Eli Arndt said...

Good find!

I've been to the page in passing, but it definitely is worth a better look.