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30 July 2010

Royal Xenological Society, Issue #7

Twanax Thornmen
Hominid venusia twanaxis

   As if the Veiled Planet were not deadly enough, a new threat to human habitation of the Cytherian Sphere has been discovered recently. These imposing creatures are not purely animal, nor purely plant. Instead, they are a dreadful cross of the two: a plantimal!

   The skin of a Twanax is covered in sharp thorns of a viridian color which blends well into the jungle background. Through their veins flows a clear sap, pumped by a four-chambered heart virtually identical to any Earthly mammal's. The eye and ear structures are also clearly predatory mammalian. The conformation of the endoskeleton is quite similar to a human skeleton. The "bones" are made of a substance similar to wood, as are the huge fang-like teeth and the long, sharp claws which tip each digit on the massive paw. Inside the woody skull a large brain structure is found, similar in many ways to that found in the higher primates.

   Though not known to be a tool-using species, the Twanax is very clever, and has avoided several traps set to capture them. This indicates an advanced animal intelligence. At this time, no vocal sounds have been determined to have meaning and therefore communication. Further study will be necessary to determine if this species is truly sentient or merely a very clever animal/plant.

   Thus far, the only sightings have been in the regions around Venusstaadt. Noted biologist resident at Venusstaadt, Professor Vardu, has expressed a great deal of interest in further study of the creatures.

[Editor's Note: The Twanax are produced by Blue Moon Manufacturing as part of a line of 15mm scale sci-fi aliens. I think they are supposed to be furry critters like Wookies, but I thought they would look impressively thorny if painted as plants. Teh minis are scale neutral, and can be used for immense threats in 6mm, large fearsome opponents in 15mm, and average size foes in 25mm. Triple threat!  More minions for Professor Vardu... and more to come. Plus, I finally obtained the official 25mm Vardu figure, one of Foundry's Victorian Specials, Doctor Jekyll. He's holding up a flask... just perfect! You'll see more on him later.]

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