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27 March 2010

Possible New Shipyard

Our intrepid investigators have discovered the existence of two new shipyards.

Parroom Skyrunners - a racing game designed by Bob Charette.
[Image lifted from Brigade Games's website - please let me know if you mind, but I thought it looked too cool and hopefully will send more customers your way...]

Recreational Conflict - by scrolling about two-thirds of the way down, you may see a photostatic image of the prototype under construction.

Exciting stuff, what?

[Editor's Note: At $25 for the "Scudder" ship pictured above, I will certainly be interested in obtaining one of these. The Recreational Conflict one looks nice at this point as well.]

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Ben Brooks said...

I'm one of the guys from Recreational Conflict. Thanks for the plug. :) We hope to have the skiff ready for limited release at Little Wars. (depends on the caster) And hopefully start getting a decent stock of the diving Hardsuit you might also be interested in.

Of course we're closing for the month of May due to forces out of my control... So big releases for Origins. :)