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11 March 2010

March Progress Report

Figures Progress So Far...

  • Praetorian autocannon: 50%
  • Praetorian heavy bolter: 50%
  • Warbot Destroyer: 90%. Needs dip, clear coat and basing.
  • 10x Steam turtles: 80%.
  • 10x Empress British Infantry: 15%
  • Brass Arachnid: 85%
  • Stegadon crew: 90%

In addition, I have done a lot of terrain this month, which was not part of the goal. This includes one 6'x9' canvas jungle mat, one jungle rock outcropping, and two Martian unobtainite deposits. I should finish one more jungle rock, a massive jungle ridge (with waterfall!) and a 5'x9' Martian canvas mat before the end of the month. I have even done a couple of figures not on the list, including the prototype for some dangerous flora on Venus. More on those later when I do a Clive's Field Guide on it.

I'm feeling optimistic about this month. I have next week off for Spring Break, and although I'll be visiting the torturer (dentist) to have my wisdom teeth removed (lucky for me, I am a mutant and only have two), I think I will probably get a lot of painting accomplished. I promise I will take some photos and post them next week as well.

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