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23 January 2010

Monthly Goal Update

Greetings, Ladies and Gents...

Felt like I ought to update my progress for the month. So first, the stuff that is being painted:
  • 40x 15mm Zulus [Stone Mountain]: Mailed to painter. I realized I want the troops, but I don't want to paint them. New painter this time; I'll review the work when I receive the minis.
  • 20x 15mm Luftschiffetruppen [Old Glory]: 80% done. Touchup, basing, and clear coat.
  • 10x 25mm Feral Martians [RAFM]: 40% done.
  • Aeronef Papal Fleet [Brigade Models]: Total of six ships. About 60% done. I made some alterations to the fleet paint scheme that need to be redone on several ships.
Regarding new purchases, I have been a busy boy, on TMP, eBay and company websites. Also, I have discovered the joy of Bartertown (http://www.bartertown.com), and that has been time consuming. The 'take' so far:
  • GW Mordian Lascannon and crew. No gunshield. Repaint and fit with 19th C. field gun wheels.
  • Parroom Station Clockwork Soldier (NIB). New 'recruit' for Maton.
  • Armorcast Gothic Laboratory Power Generator. Power for the Lascannon.
  • 20x Copplestone Castings German Colonial Marines. Destined to be Luftschiffetruppen.
  • Wyrd Miniatures's Malifaux Brass Arachnid. Nice and big, suitably menacing for Dr. Maton.
  • 16x 25mm Japanese cavalry (Russo-Japanese), painted
  • 17x 25mm Japanese infantry (Russo-Japanese), painted
  • 2x 25mm Japanese artillery, w/ 4 crew (RJW), painted
  • GW WFB Lizardmen Stegadon (5 ed.) - only $10! Gex in the howdah... a fearsome weapon on Venus!
And there are still some things I am trying to find at a reasonable price or trade.
  • 3x GW Imperial Guard Praetorians with lasguns. Most poses would be okay.
  • 1x GW Imperial Guard Praetorian Sergeant, with the powersword.
  • 2x GW Imperial Guard Praetorian missile loaders
  • GW Imperial Guard Praetorian heavy weapons (especially heavy bolter and autocannon)
  • Wargames Foundry Victorian Special "Dr. Jekyll". I will probably order today from Foundry, but at $10.50 for one figure, it hurts!
  • A boat to convert to a Martian 'kite'
  • And more... always more... *sigh*

So... plenty to keep me busy for the next nine or ten years, at any rate...

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