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01 January 2010

2009 Pledge Wrapup

So, as far as the Pledge goes... I blew it.

I was doing really well at first. Then I got hit with a serious double whammy: Historicon and peewee football.

Bought a lot of stuff at Historicon. A lot.

My youngest son (Dane) started his second season of peewee football a few days after we got back from Historicon. Practice three days a week and games on Saturday. Add in church obligations on Wednesday and Sunday, and... no time spent painting, essentially. The football lasted until December 5 - the Superbowl (we won!).

So, should I take the Pledge again this year? I don't think so. Two years in a row I have failed it. This year, I think monthly goals may be better. And so, the monthly goals for the first month of 2010:
  • Finish the aeronef fleet for the Papal States
  • Paint ten 25mm feral Martians (RAFM High Martians)
  • Paint forty 15mm Zulus
  • Finish twenty 15mm German Luftschiffetruppen
I think I can get those done, and maybe more. I hope to have some help on the Zulus from a friend.

Wish me luck!

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Eli Arndt said...

A good solid set of goals. If real life doesn't get in the way, you should be able to do it.