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15 November 2009

Tiny Towns!

Martian Towns Seen From On High!
From high above the Martian city of Gwalli-Andor, at night. The town is quite dark.

The villa of Kez Ra Tohnassi, the wealthiest merchant prince in Gwalli-Andor.

The Tower of Righteous Harmony and Conduct, a cross between city hall, royal palace and a temple.

All of these magnificent vistas were photostattted by our Lead Correspondent, Mr. Eli Arndt. He took the photostats from the highest of altitudes aboard a native kiteship. You can see the acres of shining white kur plants, whose fibers make an astonishingly sturdy fabric, lightwieght and airy. Something like a cross between cotton and silk, it is one of the staples of Martian dress.

We are looking forward to additional aerial photostats from Mr. Arndt as he travels across the Red Planet. As always, his despatches are eagerly awaited by our hungry audience.

[Editor's Notes: Eli has been making some 1/1200 Martian terrain from scratch for Land Ironclads and Aeronef gaming. He showed me these pictures of the work in progress, and, well, I thought they were absolutey brilliant and deserved a wide audience. I made up the names and background material for this post, but I hope he uses the town name at least - I know I will be using it more in the future.]


APJ said...

Nice work !

Eli Arndt said...

One has not been motion sick until one has done it from the lofty hights of a Martian Kite. Combine with the ever-present odor of Martian curries and their own form of thick coffee, it was more than my poor stomach could manage.

Fortunately I never let loose of my photostatic recorder and was able to get these images sent off before having to retire below decks.

(Seriously though, thanks for the exposure. I hope to do a full write up on the blog once these are done. For the most part, the painted ones are finished, though I'm wondering if the pale-sided buildings might not deserve some decoration besides the occasional exposed red brick)


J Womack, Esq. said...

Think massive banner down the side of the tower. Every evil mastermind needs massive banners draping down the side of their towers. Or oppressive regimes, for that matter.

And yeah, that Martian 'curry' makes a dirty diaper less revolting. Their coffee is not worht mentioning, as it is clearly an abomination. And just try to get a decent cuppa on Mars! We should be paid extra for it, I tell you.

ArmChairGeneral said...

I really like these! They will look great on my gaming table! :D