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16 July 2009

Historicon, Day 1

Actually, it's kind of Day Two, as we got our registration stuff last night after we arrived in Lancaster, PA. But as we had our first full day here, we'll go with it. Speaking of registration, we had one major problem there: the boys' registrations were lost somewhere in the Internet. Mine came through just fine but theirs just went poof. So they sort of lost their pre-registered games. However, the convention staff is trying their best to help get them into their original games and letting them into the usual one sign-up per day as well.

We started the day at 12, with both boys playing in Monster Island II, each of them taking a giant monster and trying to become King of Monsters. Greyson was Godzilla, and Dane was Gamera. Grey was eliminated pretty early, but Dane came in third! Right after that, Dane had another game, this one based loosely on the Lord of the Rings. His side (the Good Guys) lost badly. He had rotten luck with his dice rolls and his allies were not much help either. Oh well...
Greyson, moving Godzilla against the military base!

Dane, planning Gamera's first move...

General Dane preparing to order his subordinates into battle against the Trolls and Uruk-Hai!

We all hit the Paint N Take for about an hour, then off to the Dealer Room, which is HUGE! Greyson got some of the new Eureka Frog Cavalry mounted on giant toads, and some frog infantry as well. Dane hasn't spent anything yet, but I think tomorrow may be his day - he's waiting for the flea market!

After supper, the boys played some Battletech for a little while and I went to my game for the day, a big Spy Game extravaganza hosted by Howard Whitehouse (aka Mexican Jack Squint on TMP). I played John Shaft - you got that right!

Random photo, but check out the dust columns under the choppers!


Eli Arndt said...

Sounds like good fun. I think it's awesome that your boys got to go too.


Mad Carew said...

Looks like a great meeting, and Eli's right, great to be able to take the kids
Shaft!! You're d**n right

Donogh said...

Nice way of doing flight stands for choppers in desert condition
Looks like there's a good variety of games on

ArmChairGeneral said...

What rules do you use for the Godzilla games?

ColKillgore said...

Hey, Thats my friend Charles in the last picture. Hopefully you don't mind but I reposted the picture over on our blog My Little World of Dementia. Charles tried to shame me into going to Historicon this year but I didn't and now he is a celebrity.

Maybe next year at Historicon.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I didn't run the Godzilla game, but I they used (according to the con program) MMA 2.0 for the rules. Monsters Menacing America or something like that I think.

Chuckaroobob said...

Hi, Now I'm famous! Set your watches, 14:55 before I'm eclipsed by some other guy's turn in the spotlight. I had a great time at Historicon and urge everybody to make the trek to the show! And yes, I thought the choppers looked really cool with those dust clouds. C'ya, Charles