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21 May 2009

Uniform question for Fliegerjagers

So, I was looking at some notes on uniforms for German troops in the 1880s. And according to what I looked at, I made a couple of 'mistakes' on my fliegerjagers.

Historically, it seems that jagers wore black trousers with red piping, black boots, and black leather equipment.

I painted mine with feldgrau trousers, no piping, and brown boots, equipment and gloves. Of course, I can always add the red piping pretty easy.

I'm just worried that all that black will be really monotone. Opinions?


Eli Arndt said...

Jagers are jagers and fliegerjagers are fliegerjagers. They don't have to have the same uniforms because they aren't the same troops.

I would stick with what you like, as they are fictional troops.


Ruarigh said...

What Eli wrote. They are your fliegerjagers and it's your VSF reality, so there is no problem with them having a uniform that differs from the mud-slogging version of the jager.