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04 May 2009

Interesting Poll Results

Sorry for the long delay. Things have been... hectic at work and home the last few days.

So, people seemed torn between a simple breathing mask and a full helmet setup. Personally, I lean towards the breathing mask and goggles, with a heavy coat to keep warm out in the intense cold of the aether.

But nobody (granted, out of only 22 responses) believed you could survive - at least for long - unprotected in the aether, nor did most anyone opt for a full-fledged 'aethersuit.'

Now, as always, in My Victorian Universe, the required equipment is waht I say it is. Which is breathing mask, eye protection, and a coat (at least for anything more than a very brief exposure).

So my masked minions are kitted out for aether service as well as anonymous feats of anarchy and terror. So I just got to get them painted. I figure that will be sometime this summer, maybe June-ish?

[Added Note: I think of a breathing mask as just covering the lower face, providing air, but not eye protection. Goggles would be needed to protect eyes.]


Eli Arndt said...

Are you challenging yourself?


J Womack, Esq. said...

Probably ought to do so, just to get some work done.

There are only ten of them right now, so not much of a challenge. Biggest hurdle at the moment is deciding on what colors they shall wear. If you haven't seen them, check the Masked Minions done by Parroom Station, once through London War Room (darn shame about that) and now through Brigade Games.