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24 March 2009

A Second Sentinel is Finished!

"British Engineering Still the Marvel of Western Science!"

The Army today unveiled its newest steam-driven military conveyance, the Sentinel, Mk. 2. The original Mark of the Sentinel chassis was armed, you may remember, with one large cannon slung underneath the operator's station, and two Tesla voltaic rifles for close defense.

The Mark 2 has done away with both weapons of the earlier Sentinel, and is instead fitted with ten 24-pdr Cosgrove bombardment rockets, which fire in pairs. This fearsome combination will undoubtedly batter down the walls of any native potentate who dares to defy Her Britannic Majesty's imperial will. And our European cousins which have been casting their covetous eyes over our beautiful colony here on the Red Planet must be content with gnashing their teeth, as they would never be so foolish as to risk a confrontation against such awesome firepower. Marching into the firestorm of these huge rockets is more than any Continental conscript soldier could bear.

His Excellency, the Viceroy of the Crown Colony spoke at the unveiling, held on the parade grounds of Fort Gordon:

"Before you stands proof - further proof! - of the superiority of our British society. British engineering is still providing the yardstick to which all other nations compare, and is the marvel of Western science. Luckily for the other imperial powers here on Mars, Her Majesty's Government does not, at this time, seek to expand her influence abroad, as there is dashed all they could do about it now! Haw haw!"


Ruarigh said...

That's a really nice piece of kit. Who makes it? Or is it scratch built?

Eli Arndt said...

That's a nice-looking rig.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Thanks guys. It's a GW Praetorian Sentinel, minus the weapons and most of the roll cage. Then I added the missile turret from the old GW Space Marine Whirlwind tank. The only non-stock item is the coal bunker on the back of the engine, which you really can't see here. It's a cap from one of my son's syringes, filled with putty and topped with fine ballast, painted black. Glue it on. Dead easy.

Check out the other Sentinel if you haven't already. Should be a photo of it under the sentinel tag.