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20 March 2009

[OOC] Pledge Updated, New Scale added

Okay, I finally updated the 2009 Pledge. Doing pretty well, for so early in the year, but Historicon is coming, and I am planning on replacing all of my current 25mm British colonial regulars with the absolutely beautiful ones produced by Empress Miniatures at Historicon. So, that's a good 30 or so more to do.

Almost done with several of the Imperial German Secret Weapons guys. That'll help the 25mm count as well.

Only have to glue the bombardment rockets on the second Sentinel to be finished with that project, finally!

Inspired by a trip to Austin's Great Hall Games, where I found a good deal of Brigade Model's Aeronefs on sale, I have bought into them. 34 2mm scale Aeronefs now await painting, and have been added to the Pledge as a scale category. 7 have been primed and will be painted as the Aeronavy of the Holy See of Saint Peter. These are a mix of Austrian and Japanese (!), and I will also be adding an Italian Carlo Alberto-class dig to the Papal fleet. I also have a decent number of German 'nefs. Plans for future include British, French, and some fixed wing aircraft. Only rules I have right now is a copy of "When Dreadnoughts Ruled The Skies" given to me at a game at Little Wars almost two years ago now. Am considering purchasing the Aeronef rules from Wessex, and integrating with Land Ironclads at a later date. The tiny scale means they should paint up pretty quick.

In 15mm news, I have finished another 5 deathrays. No photos yet, because I am re-working the bases to magnetize them. Be a couple of days until that sub-project is completed. I discovered I don't have enough rays to finish, either! So, I have to hit eBay and get two more. I also finished a mounted officer on octosaur for the Martians.

All for now. Maybe more news later this weekend, and hopefully a few photos.


Eli Arndt said...

Whoa?! That's a lot of nefs to pick up at once. And you even have a shop in your area that carries them? I live in the wrong place.

The rules you have are actually not a bad set and have more detail in them than Aeronef does.

I found that while Aeronef was a perfectly servicible game, it seemed almost too simplified, especially for what I had to pay for it, and I bought the PDF (the main rules were only 18 pags and the supplement was 22).

If they could just take it up to the level of detail they have in Land Ironclads, I'd be happy. I have heard rumors and talk of an Aeronef 2nd Ed. so you might want to hold out on that.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I spent about $100. Don't tell the wife.

And Austin's a 3-4 hour drive from my house, so not exactly a shop in my area. And they have them on closeout sale, as they will no longer be carrying them.

I go back to Austin in two weeks (after payday). My big gaming dilemma is more Aeronefs or the Necrotite Mining Rig I found on sale (assuming its still at that store by then). The rig looks just perfect for a ready made pre-painted out of the box ready to go massive handwavium reactor. Doctor Maton's laboratory needs one of those, you see. As does Victoria Landing, my main British settlement.