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08 March 2009

Menaces to Humanity!

Menaces Foul, both Mineral and Vegetable!

Friends, it's a dark time indeed. Humanity is threatened by automatons built by a mad genius and alien lifeforms on the Veiled Planet of Venus.

Below is a photostat depicting two of Doctor Maton's so-called 'clockwork soldiers' [clockwork soldiers by Parroom Station]. Armed with heavy automatic rifles, they can mow down entire platoons of good stout British infantry. Be very wary of these walking artillery pieces!

[Editor's Note: I'll use with both 25 and 15mm VSF, and they follow my GASLIGHT automaton rules (which I will post a little later). For 25, the guns are Light Machineguns. For 15mm, Heavy Machinegun. Bayonets are mostly aesthetic. These are Maton's main artillery pieces.]

This is Herr Professor's newest creation of destruction, and one of his deadliest. [Hydra Miniature's hoverbot from their Retro Raygun line] These fiendish devices, so-called 'hoverbots', zoom through the skies over a battlefield, swooping down on their unsuspecting victims and cutting them to ribbons with large, powerful, razor sharp shears.

[Editor's Note: Also useful for both 25 and 15mm scales. I love scale neutral minis. These will follow the automaton rules as well, and move at a very fast rate. No guns, but a nasty pair of metal shears. Finally, they will have a limited duration - randomly determined after they are deployed. Probably d3+2 turns. This represents the batteries on which they depend for power to the unobtainite allowing their flight and the fans which propel them (see the louvered vents on the back?) running down rather rapidly.]

Our final photostatic foe is a rear view of the strangest lifeform found on any planet so far: the Plantmen of Venus [Hydra Miniatures' Vardu sprout, from their Primal Dawn line]! The twisted vines of its limbs possess immense strength, and the fibrous stalk of its torso lacks vital organs, making the creature phenomenally tough. The flower-like head opens up to release a cloud of soporific spores. Even the stoutest of chaps can find himself suddenly weary and sluggish when caught in a blast of this perfidious pollen! Venus is truly a planet of hidden perils, waiting to ensanre and feast upon the unwary.

[Editor's Notes: These guys are too neat. Again, 25/15 scale neutral. About 18mm tall to the top of the flower, though they are supposed to be relatively immature plants in 28mm if I get the idea right. Matt at Hydra told me he plans more variants of the Vardu: a big warrior, a dog-like one, and more. I'll probably pick up some of them when they are released. The basic GASLIGHT rules on these are they either get a save or a wound score, and they Shoot a short range cone of spores, about 4". If you get hit, the figure takes a Morale test. Fail and you go to sleep (out of battle). Also considering a rule where they can set up in whatever patch of wooded or marsh terrain they like, but must choose before the game begins.]

As always, good reader, this journal shall keep you informed of any additional information or threats we uncover that could affect you or the Empire. Stay alert! Stay informed! Stay safe!

[Editor's Note: Sorry about the crappy pictures, but I was hurrying to get them posted this weekend. More pictures, with appropriate scenery, etc., will be taken at a later date. I got all ten of the hoverbots done. I am about 30% on the 20 Vardu - they're pretty easy as well. need to update the Pledge, too. This will help that backsliding on the 25mm, I think!]

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Eli Arndt said...

Good loo9king stuff there J. I can certainly understand on the pictures. I'm still struggling with an outdated 2 megapixel camera. 15mm stuff is completely out of it's capabilities and 28mm is even a challenge.