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01 February 2009

Patrolling the Line


As you can see from the attached photostat, now that it has finally arrived, the line of telegraph poles stretches off into the distance. Alongside the line, a platoon of infantry, stout British lads all, trudges along through the red dust of our arid planet.

Alongside the column is one of the ASAs, technological wonders of our modern steam era. The photostat was taken from the deck of the aerial gunboat, HMAS Osprey, itself yet another marvel of British technical prowess.

[Editor's Notes: Finally, some more shots, and even included some miniatures 'in action' for a change. As previously mentioned, I think, you can see how to do the ultra-easy telegraph poles on my terrain blog. And two posts in two days! Excellent, Smithers! Look for another post in the near future about a terrain piece I have been re-working. More info on the terrain blog right now, but a proper posting will appear here soon. Must go. A sudden hailstorm has risen up and I have to protect a few things outside.]


Eli Arndt said...

They look good. How many have you made in all?

J Womack, Esq. said...

Think I have eight right now. Enough to get the idea across, at any rate. I'll probably make another four or six or so before its all said and done.

I'm thinking of a scenario idea, where one side is protecting the telegraph office, another is trying to cut communications, and possibly a third or fourth party are involved somehow as well.

Eli Arndt said...

You could have two players per side.

Team A - British Linemen stringing the line.

Team B - British patrol

Team C - Martian Geurillas trying to harass the linemen.

Team D - A second set of Guerillas.

A two player version could be Team A and C with the arrival of Teams B and D as a timed event.