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28 December 2008

Trebuchet Anticipation

17 December …

The trebuchets were finished late today and tomorrow we will be able to test them out for effectiveness. The men thought it was peculiar for a modern army to be using antiquated equipment for defense. We did have quite a few people stop by and inspect the work as the officers thought it was splendid and always gave congratulations to the men. The men themselves took great interest in the project and are very eager to see whose trebuchet will throw a rock the farthest. Corporal Miller and his red legs also took interest and will instruct the men on artillery techniques. Each will be manned during engagements and alerts. Corporal Mendoza’s squad and Corporal Ferguson’s squad will be responsible for the siege weapons as the black legs will man the walls.

I know this is a short entry today but we are all exhausted from the excitement and hard work.

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