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23 December 2008

Meanwhile, back on Earth...

Three New Land Ironclad Classes Added to Her Majesty's Ever-Victorious Royal Navy Land Forces!

Hurrah for British engineering! Her Majesty's Royal Navy has put more earth-shakingly powerful land ironclads into production from the Brigade Foundries [actually, Brigade Models, www.brigademodels.co.uk]. Three new classes of ship are beginning to be produced, it was announced today: the Imperator, the General, and the Brunel classes. The photostat above does not, actually, contain any of the three new classes, which are so new as to not even have paint upon them as of yet.

Sadly, these armored leviathans are not going to be available for service here on the Red Planet anytime soon. Their immense weight will require specially designed transport vehicles to cart them across the aether to Mars. Even disassembled, it would take many trips back and forth with current vessels to deliver a single land ironclad to Mars. But what a difference that one leviathan could make in cowing the ambitions of the Kaiser's colonial administration!

[Editor's Note: This is an area of VSF gaming that I am seriously considering getting involved with in the next year. I really like the models, and the fact that the system (Land Ironclads, by Wessex Games) is compatible with an aerial system (Aeronef) and a forthcoming naval system (Aquanef). The models are quite nice, and seem to paint up well from what I have seen online, though they are a bit difficult to get hold of in the States. I took the photo above from Brigade's website. I hope they don't mind, but if anyone does, please let me know and I will remove the image. I am hoping the advertising is worth the picture grab.]


Eli Arndt said...

Those are great models, though I have been having great fun making my own. I find Wessex's Aeronef rules a little light for my tastes, but they do mod up nice.

The Land Ironclads rules have a bit more crunch to them, but still retain the simplicity they were going for with Aeronef. I just felt they kept Aeronef -too- simple.

Ideally, I'd love to see them do a 2nd edition of the Aeronef rules using the same level of detail they used in Land Ironclads.

J Womack, Esq. said...

To be honest, I have never played (or even own!) either game. I have played a homegrown version called When Dreadnoughts Ruled the Sky, and had great fun the one time we did that.

Anyway, as I said, its a project for possibly the New Year.