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01 November 2008

Wasps over Albertport

Aerial Gunboat Takes to the Skies of Mars
We have also received word from the Royal Navy's ethership docks here in Albertport that Her Majesty's Royal Navy shall soon have a new class of small, steam-powered, hydrium-lift gunboats to protect the Crown Colony from the German menace and the troubling actions of certain Martian princes. Though it has yet to be armed, your faithful journal writer has no doubt that it soon shall be.

Seen here is the armored control cabin and the steam engine of the new HMS Wasp, the first ship of its class. Below, you can see a sergeant of the Royal Artillery's Research and Development Field Testing Platoon atop the armored cabin. The lights of the Albertport Ethership Tower can be seen in the distance behind.

You can not see the hydrium venting system in the hull that helps control the altitude of the armored airship in these photostats. Unlike the more common rigid frame gasbag type of airship, this vessel uses internal tanks of hydrium and is constructed largely of liftwood for added bouyancy. It can rise and dive rapidly as a result, and is far smaller and more maneuverable than even the smallest of the framed gasbag types.

[Editor's Notes: This airship can be converted for use by other nations in a matter of minutes, by changing the flag (on a removable pole). It currently sports the naval ensign of Imperial Germany, which is why it isn't seen in these small photos. It still needs a good bit of work, repairing damage sustained during shipping, and adding little details I like. Plus weapons, of course!]


Eli Arndt said...

Looks good from the bits and pieces that the pics show. When do we get to see the whole beast at once?

James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

Hopefully I will finish the repairs and upgrades this weekend. Then I'll try to take some decent photos of it.

Eli Arndt said...

Looking forward to it.