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26 October 2008

Terror Weapon of the Hun on Venus

Gentlemen, I have confirmed a report that the Kaiser's troops on Venus have secured an infernal device destined to swing the delicate balance on that planet in their favor. The streets of Venusstadt are now stalked by a giant armored vehicle, marching about on two legs. It is armed with a large flame throwing device and a sort of... well, the other arm seems to be some sort of spinning blades, set parallel to one another, and spinning at high speed around an axle.

The Imperial German News Service reports that their scientists have created a highly mobile forest clearing device, and not some gigantic weapon for militaristic adventurism on the Veiled Planet. Those reports are assuredly as reliable as their denial of their repsonsibility for the loss of the launch from HMES Orion.

Dear readers, rest assured that we shall keep a close watch on the nefarious schemes of those treacherous Huns.


Eli Arndt said...

What, you do not believe them? surely Prussian efficiency can be relied upon to create just such an industrial contraption. I am sure that the reports are being sorely embellished.

James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

Scoff if ou wish, but I shall soon provide photostatic evidence of the mechanical monstrosity! I believe that the Kaiser's Governor has made some sort of unholy deal with that Swiss madman, Professor Otto Maton!