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17 October 2008

Painting poll results are quite interesting

According to the poll, almost as many of us pay someone else to paint the little lead boys and girls as paint them ourselves. Most of us that do paint our own lean towards quality over quantity (I myself fall into that category), which I did not find surprising at all.

I suppose I was surprised by both the relatively large number of responses for one of my little polls (the other polls are doing well also) and the number of gamers that apparently send their miniature soldiers off to be painted. I have considered it many times, but have yet to bite the bullet. I have a hundred Zulus in 15mm just dying to get painted so they can die in droves while rushing Her Majesty's invincible Thin Red Line, for instance.

I wonder if its lack of time to paint, or lack of interest in painting that leads one to pay for it. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I would probably do it myself if I had more money. At least for big lot jobs, like the Zulus, where I mostly just want to get the little buggers painted and on a table.

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Eli Arndt said...

I didn't chime in in time for the pole but I do find the results interesting though not surprising. With the time crunch hitting more and more people these days and gaming seeming to become the realm of bigger kids (adults), the need for somebody else to slap the colors onto the lead is likely to be bigger than ever.

I cannot bring myself to pay somebody else to do my work for me and do not have all that much time, so I have resorted to quick, dirty and generally effective painting methods. As long as they look good on the table, I'm happy.