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23 October 2008

For the Adventurous Gentleman...

Arms Suitable for Discriminating Men with a Taste for Adventure
The following personal protection devices were located through search of the very popular auctioning site known colloquially as "Ebay." While all have been sold already, the gentleman who produces such fine devices would, I am sure be quite interested in selling additional units.

The Mad Scientist

The Gentleman's Pistol

Personally, I believe I really need one of those Gentleman's Pistols. You know, just in case these Martian Johnnies start getting out of hand. Like those Afghan chaps did, what? I wonder what cost to ship one out to the Red Planet?

If you are interested (and this Journal has no financial stake nor advertising revenue from the manufacturer - I am merely passing along an item that I believe my fellow adventurers of the etherways might find beneficial), you can contact the manufacturer through their seller. He (or she) goes by the nom de commerce of "spydersales" on that auction site. Obviously the dealer fears governmental rebuke for indiscriminate sales of top quality arms.

[Editor's Notes: These are all real shooting Nerf-type guns. How cool are these? Almost enough to get you into costume ('cosplay'), or as I like to think of it, RenFaire for the Victorian Age.]The Shipmate's Sidearm

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Eli Arndt said...

Ah yes, the lovely subculture of "steampunk". I have a bevy of local friends and aquaintences that are quite into it. I have neither skills, nor funds, nor time to delve into costuming fortunately(?).

I did dabble in the design of a few costumes after watching the entire Last Exile anime series but never went beyond the speculation stage.