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01 September 2008

Poll Results for August, and a new Poll

Well, I see that we are all quite Conservative in our naming conventions here at the journal. Red Planet, that old stand-by, has won out in a massive landslide victory over the other options. I think it ahd something to do with Her Majesty using the phrase herself a time or two in official releases to the Press.

Well, this month, I pose a similar query, and no help from Her Majesty is forthcoming, I assure you! To date, my information does not include any reference by Her Majesty to the planet Venus, so we'll have no pro-royal bias on this poll! Not that I am one of your screaming anarchist anti-monarchist types! Far from it! Queen and Country, by jingo!

The recent storm activity in the Atlantic has kept us all busy around the manse, but our friend Gustav has cleared off, leaving us unscathed in his passing. Best of wishes and our prayers to those who were caught in his path. All that remains to do around here is keep a watchful eye on Hannah and Ike, who seems likely to come in as well.

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