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24 August 2008

Parrotfolk Article Added to Archive

I have added the original Parrotfolk article to the archive list of publications on the left hand menu of the journal. This should help you reach it once the articles have cycled off from the main page of the journal.

Please feel free to print, read and enjoy, but remember that I retain the copyright on all of the material I publish via the Internet. If you wish to make changes, include it in your own works, etc., please do the right thing and ask permission first.

I have another short story written that I may publish here as well, but that one I actually have a hope of selling in the future, along with a series of other short tales in a similar vein.


Eli Arndt said...


Parrotmen! I have been building a race of parrotnmen using GW Kroot figs. When reading your descriptions, I couldn't help but get the impression that you are doing the same?

Have any pics yet?

James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

Yep, using Kroots as mentioned by a lot of folks over on TMP. All I am doing is painting them in a birdlike fashion. Once I get one finished, I'll post pictures. Might be as soon as next week, since the prototype is nearing completion.

No conversion on them - I'm too lazy and they look pretty birdlike anyway.