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07 August 2008

More Venusian sightings!

These Venusians are starting to pop up their ugly scaled heads all around!
The smaller type - though still quite large - have been popularly named 'gex' [GW's old skinks] in the London Press. They seem to be swarming everywhere. They come in a range of coloration, from green, to red, to blue, and every imaginable shade between. Some even have patterned skins.
The larger type of Venusian, called "Gaters" [GW's old saurus] by my journalistic bretheren from the Republic of Texas are not so numerous, thankfully. They are terrifyingly large and equally fierce. Some have even been seen mounted on a type of carnivorous dinosaur! Truly, not something you would want to meet unprepared in the steaming forests of the Jungle Planet, my friends.

I have recently obtained specimens of the gex. I modified one of them, shown above, by cutting the pole he carries down from the original primitive totem to create a large, menacing club. I am pleased with the result, and plan to continue with this modification in the future.

In other news, work has begun on a new river steamer for the Crown Colony of Mars. It will soon be ready to cruise up and down the canals of the Dying Planet, providing support for Her Brittanic Majesty's troops. As the work progresses, I shall post updates, but for now just one photostat, to whet my readers' appetites.

More soon, I hope.

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