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22 August 2008

Egads! What's that pink fluff?

My darling wife has begun to notice the large quantity of rigid pink insulation in the garage and gameroom of our humble abode. Well, actually, its not such a great amount, only one large sheet of the stuff, you know. Seems a good deal more to her, I tell you! Its in use for the modelling of hills, cliffs and such for photostatic reasons and advanced military simulation. I hope to have the early results ready for your perusal in the near future, perhaps by the end of the upcoming Holiday weekend.

In addition, I would like to announce a successful trading venture in lead from the United States to Great Britain (Essex, if you must know). A good man from a favorite telephonic differencing site (www.theminiaturespage.com) got in touch with me in regards a request for models of Venusian gex, and provided them in exchange for models of native Martian troops [Black Hat Imperial Martians]. I feel I must djust the Pledge totals, although no purchase was made.

A slight amount of progress has been made on the British steam strider. I should really like to finish that by the end of the Labour Day weekend as well.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading the articles previously published in this journal about the Parrotfolk of Venus. I certainly enjoyed writing about them. Naturally, I wish to retain my copyrights for all the material I created and posted, but feel free to use it in your games if you wish. Just please don't try to sell the idea, or use it in something you would like to sell without asking first.

I have so many things to do and seem to have even less time that ever to do them. The summer was particularly disappointing, as the many illnesses and other inconveniences combined to severely limit my time working on the models and stories I so enjoy. I originally had high hopes for the hot summer months, but with the school year beginning anew on Monday, I fear that the time has gone on and left me wondering to where it has all melted away.

Well, here's to a good finish to this month and a strong start to next month, then! I just need to get something finished, to regain my sense of accomplishment which does so help in driving me along.

Until next time, my friends: Stay Thirsty.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, time always seems to slip away. Love the blog, can't wait to hear more about Venus!

James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

Thanks Patrick. As I am also a fan of your blog, your praise is quite welcome.

The mutual blog admiration society meeting shall now come to order... :)