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07 June 2008

Interesting Poll results

A tie between the Tsar and the Republic. Very interesting.

I already have some Texicans bought and painted. That's old news, but I need more. A trip to Little Wars (a fine retailer and the source for Freikorps in North America, and its on the other side of town from me! Hurray!) next week may be in the offering. On second thought, what with the current cost of gasoline and the hour to 90 minute drive to get across town (Houston, as capital of the Republic, is rather large). it might be less expensive to have the figures posted to me. I used Freikorps' Spanish-American War figures, by the way.

What figures to use for Russians of the late 1800s though? Crimeans would be too early, I think. I'll have to do a little research and ask about on TMP.

The Holy Father will definitely have a mission on Mars. Must set to work converting the heathens and all that, what? And naturally, he'll send a few good Catholic boys along to protect his missions. So, Papal Zouaves or somesuch, I think. The Zouaves should be simple enough. Just need to find a good ACW or FPW 15mm Zouave. Monks, on the other hand, I don't know a source for. I'll check Freikorps or LKM's Ancients line. Perhaps something will be there.

Japan and Belgium tied for second place. Not sure if I will do them in 15mm. I suppose some Boxer Rebellion Japanese infantry would work for rank and file. But I do like the look of the Japanese soldiers and the 'smoke-stalkers' put out by the London War Room under the Parroom Station line in 25mm. So there's a likely unit or two as well.

Poor little Austria (which was not all that little back in the late 1800s, if you recall your history) came in next to last. It was a fairly major empire then. So we may have to make room for them as well on Mars. Or perhaps Venus? The Imperial Germans have a fair presence there. An early attempt at Anschluss, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

"What figures to use for Russians of the late 1800s though?"

For 28mm, I use Old Glory Boxer Rebellion Russians. They may be a little late for your tastes, though.

Askari has a more appropriate range for the Ruso-Turkish war: http://www.askari-minis.com/oscommerce/index.php?cPath=42&osCsid=fa2ea14732f49695926c889b54e4f32b

Great blog!

Elderac said...

I realize this is an old post and, not having finished going through all your posts, I am not sure if you found a solution for monks.

However, I came across a group of Spanish Guerilla Monks at Askari Miniatures. On the web store tab, look for the Tony Aldrich Miniatures category. I has 6 monks with rifles and one Spanish army officer for $14.00.

Of course, they are 28mm figures, so if you were looking for something in 15mm, they won't work.

I have been considering them for dastardly Therns. I don't have much use for the Spaniard figure, but still, 6 figures for $14.00 is reasonable.

Mark "Geo" Gelinas