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31 March 2008

New Links Added

I have added a link to the journal of a Prussian militarist who is known only by a typically sinister codename: DampfPanzerwagon. Of course, as we all remember from our Intro to German courses at Eton, this means Steam Armor Wagon. It's probably some sort of Hun attempt to re-create one of Her Majesty's steam-powered landships.

I recommend you all keep a close eye on his journal, as he may let slip a clue as to the dastardly plans of the Kaiser if we are watchful. On the other hand, perhaps not.

Also, check out the Frothers Unite pages. Great stuff there, and quite civilized (i.e., British).

I've been in touch with another local aficionado of VSF gaming lately in the local area. We are considering a game in 25mm scale. While it is not the One True Scale, I do have some miniatures in that size. And, a game is a game, what? Right-o! Of course it is! We met via The Miniatures Page (theminiaturespage.com) and the message system there. Quite ingenious, and an excellent means of keeping abreast of developments in the hobby. I highly recommend you visit regularly.

I apologize for the extended delay between journal entries lately. Been a busy time around the domicile, you know? I shall endeavour to improve in the new month. Speaking of which, it is almost time for a new monthly poll... be sure to check back tomorrow and vote!

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