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23 March 2008

HMLS Albert - Finished at last!

For those of you that have been following this telephonic differencing engine journal for a bit, you'll know what troubles we've had here with those blasted engineers.

First one of them gets drunk and breaks the port rifle.

Then one engineer gets the bright idea that instead of replacing the rifle, his new-fangled flamegun invention (the Richardson Heavy Flamegun, patent pending) would be better suited to the landship. "It's already been fitted to ASA #27," he pointed out. "And look what sterling service it provided at Ghola!"

So, no sooner has that field expedient been approved, mounted and tested, than the starboard rifle mysteriously disappears. Richardson blames it on thieving Johnnies, but I have my own suspicions. Obviously, we need a second Richardson for the starboard side as well. Unfortunately, he's only made the two so far, and we have a month's delay in getting another cobbled together.

Finally, it is all together. And here's the proof:

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