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15 March 2008

First Battle of Ghola - preliminary reports!

   We have received preliminary reports in regards to a patrol action in the Britannia Mars Colony last night!

   A platoon of sepoys from Company B, 1st Britannia Foot (Sepoy), under the command of Lieutenant Heribert Popinjay encountered a suspected troop of the Galforrian Empire's infamous Emerald Legion stirring up trouble. The villagers of Ghola generally live happy and productive lives under the Pax Britannica, but intelligence reports of Galforrian rabble-rousing indicated that a religious uprising may occur. Lt. Popinjay and his men were sent to investigate.

   Our initial reports also mention an encroaching patrol of the French Legion Extraterrestriale. These ne'er-do-wells' presence can only mean trouble for our peaceful colony on Mars.

   Lt. Popinjay's official report is expected to be recieved via Royal Interplanetary Heliograph in the next few days. Please stay tuned for further information.

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