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19 February 2008

A Pledge Update

Martian reinforcements are ready for action, with another nine that should be ready tomorrow! Check the updated Pledge count!

This means that I can purchase more lead, right? Well, not really, as I still have a huge backlog of Martians to paint. Probably another 30 or so until I have all that I currently own painted. Plus Jim's Scots, who are currently being worked into the rotation. All coats are red, all helmets white, stockings white and black and red checked, kilts blue (plaid not completed), sporrans white with three black tufts... on their way to Black Watch plaid!

Also worked on some 15mm Texicans. Not quite finished with the first 4, but I'll be presenting you lads with photostats of a firing line in a few days, I believe. Perhaps even by the next journal entry, as they seem to be running one every two or three days at this point.

I would like to take this chance to thank you for your continued readership, but please make some more comments. I crave feedback, on anything at all that is posted. Tell me if this journal has gotten ho-hum. If my painting lacks refinement, disparage it! have any good ideas of your own? I'll be glad to post them and cite you as a reference.

I need to find a way to allow others to post on here as well. I have a few people whom I trust not to ruin my little project here that I think would be a welcome and fun to read addition.

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