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09 February 2008

I've Been Absolutely Worthless...

...for three days, gentlemen.

I still have a bit of a bug, but at least the fever's down somewhat!

For goodness' sake, my last journal entry was begun three days ago and only just now been posted! Damn this Venusian Sinus Fever! Never should have gone to that wet hellhole. Oh certainly, the dinosaur hunting was a grand lark, mind you, but between the belligerent natives, the Kaiser's presence in the best hunting areas and the fevers, it just wasn't worth it. The new Holland and Holland worked out well, though. Bagged a pair of deino's (deinonychus), a clubtail (ankylosaurus), and a truly inspiring three-horn (triceratops) bull. Can't wait to mount that trophy on the wall. Horns four and a half feet long, what!

Haven't done any work at all on any project. The landship has barely received any paint, and the Johnnies are getting restless on the table. Twenty of them have base skin tones, but virtually nothing more. But at least the Major General has agreed to compromise on the landship. Blue she will be, with one panel painted for St. George. The Scots engineers who have been re-assembling it have a rather sneaky look about them, so I fear they may be up to something. Well, whenever they finish up, I shall endeavour to make photostats available.

Until then, dear friends and readers, its off to the bathhouse to sweat out the last of these ill humors from Venus. Give me nice, dry Mars any time.

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