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17 February 2008

Dash it all!

What a bother! The memsahib graciously offered to babysit our niece for the entire weekend while her brother and his wife move. All well and good, I suppose, but a man can't get any work done while an ill-disciplined five-year old is running about the house.

Perhaps this evening some good work will be done. The Martian levy is near completion, and should be ready for action by next weekend at the latest. That should give four units of Johnny Martian, two Regulars and two militia, plus a gun. It is conceivable that I could get a second gun and an additional unit of Regulars ready by next week. These units, of course, are set for the wonderful G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. rules.

I've twenty members of the French Foreign Legion ready to go, and my chum Jim has a batch of twenty Jocks as well. Now if I can get Her Majesty's stout English lads ready, we can have a go sometime soon. Then, of course, I'll be needing to purchase some of the Kaiser's Schutztruppen as well, and some Japanese. And more Martian Native Contingent troops, probably painted as both French and German colonial troops. Naturally, the Germans would have askaris, but what would the French call theirs? Tiralleurs Martiane?Already have the Texicans, just need to finish painting them and... Well, you can see that I have a very full plate for the next few months.

I think that I mentioned sending some miniatures to be painted. I am still looking into the price of shipping halfway around the globe. Egads, for a few miniatures, its quite high. But as I shall probably never get around to painting them myself, I suppose it would be even more wasteful to have the lead just sit there.

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