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27 January 2008

Venusian Troublemaker...

Chief Slee-Stak of the Viper Tribe is making trouble for me on the paint table. Specifically, his re-paint has taken far too much of my time today, and not much other work has been accomplished.

I know you will find it hard to believe that as dedicated a project worker as I could be distracted by anything, and yet I have allowed just that to happen. Rather than working diligently on the Emerald Legion, I spent hours today trying to finish up a tribe of Pathans and working my first 25/28mm mini of the year, Chief Slee-Stak. He's a large reptilian warrior mounted on an even larger raptor-like creature [GW's Saurus on Cold One]. I bought him via the telephonic web, from a popular auctioning house. He was already painted, by a young child, who did a less than complete job. I am re-painting him completely. Wish I had taken some 'before' shots. I'll post photostats once more work is completed, but he is resplendent in his black and red colors. Truly fearsome, and even larger than his smaller tribelizards [primarily old GW skinks], which come in a variety of colors.

I should get back to the Emerald Legion tomorrow evening or possibly Tuesday. I think that a good dozen could be ready by next Thursday's paint count update.

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