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17 January 2008

Paint to Brush at Last!

Today I finally held a paintbrush in my hand for the first time this year. Nothing earthshaking, but still! I may actually get to update my minis painted count this weekend! And I will include photos for you all, of course, in my scrapbook.

All I did was brush on some MinWax, to be honest. I had tried at the very end of December to use Kel's Magic Sauce (Brown) to shade my Martian askaris, and was not best pleased with the results - just not enough depth, I guess. Multiple coats may have done the trick, but I am in a bit of a hurry. I want some Martians ready to die for Her Majesty! I am already happier with the MinWax 'Magic Dip" result. Bit of a misnomer, that, as I didn't actually 'dip' the figures, but brushed the stuff on with an old large brush.

I am quite excited, though. My next quandry is the unit flag. I am thinking something squarish, with a canton on the upper left (fixed-edge) quarter showing the Union flag, and the rest some sort of Johnny Martian rubbish. It's the Johnny Martian rubbish I am unsure of. Any suggestions? I'll take the question to TMP as well.

That's all for tonight. The memsahib demands I spend time with our progeny. Something about developing self-esteem or somesuch nonsense. She probably read about it in some book. Alienist drivel, I say! Rotting the Empire! High time the lads were sent to Rugby, what?

Until next time, esteemed colleagues, I remain your humble journalist.

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