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31 January 2008

31 January 2008

Good day sirs!

A simple update post tonight. I am keeping to the Pledge, even though I ordered some additional miniatures last night via difference engine. The good folks at Scale Creep have already informed me that my order has been placed in the post. I ordered Black Hat's Imperial Martians with Swords and Imperial Martian Command, totalling 32 figures. I probably should have gone ahead and ordered a fourth pack of the swordsmen. Oh well, an additional order will be forthcoming soon, I have little doubt.

Back to the Pledge. If you have never heard of this oath, it is a common enough thing on The Miniatures Page, a telephonic exchange board you can find here: www.theminiaturespage.com. The Pledge is simply this: I will not purchase more miniatures than I paint in 2008. The idea is to reduce the mountain of bare lead figures that haunt my gameroom.

The tally for this year so far is 40 15mm miniatures painted, including what I have done of the Emerald Legion so far. I have an additional 30 miniatures almost done, lacking only basing or basing and Magic Dip and a quick dust of matte clear coat. These are Stone Mountain Pathans, additional pavises, and some Old Glory British artillery crew. Need to finish their gun as well, so that I'll be ready to fire shrapnel at the Johnnies, what?

Well, until next month (ha!), I bid you a bloody war or a sickly season!


Broadsword said...

"I will not purchase more miniatures than I paint in 2008."

Has any gamer ever kept a pledge like that? :-)

James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

Well, so far this year I have been doing it. Last year was a BAD year for me, as I went to Historicon and bought up a good thirty pounds of lead. Mostly unpainted.

The TSA guy at the airport looked at me very strangely when I showeed him everything very carefully. All that metal made the security people Very Nervous.