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01 December 2007

Mars has Landed!

I finally did it. I finally went ahead and sprayed some paint onto my plain old tan felt cloth and I think it came out well. It is much redder, sort of a rusty red, with some terracotta added as well. I think it came out well. I'll post pictures later. The other side will have some terracotta and brown sprayed upon it to make it kind of Earth/Desert.

I'm also going to do the same thing (in different colors, of course) to a large green felt I have. I'm going to try and double side it, one side sort of Earth/Meadows and Fields, the other kind of Venus/Jungle

On a seperate note, I have managed to get about a dozen 15mm figures mostly painted over the course of the last week. I got a lot of minor scenic items done except for clear coat, and primed 24 plastic Battletech minis for my 9 year old to paint.

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